Saturday, October 1, 2011

Typhoon Update .....

Sister Carlos said,
"NO electricity but all our missionaries are doing okay. There's another storm brewing and will be here on Wednesday. We say, "enough already!"
PS: I am writing this using a generator. Thanks goodness we're not totally cut off from the rest of the world.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Another Typhoon is Heading Their Way

(Posted by Sister Carlos on the Mission Blog)

Another Typhoon is Heading Our Way

We just got word that another typhoon is due to hit our area pre-dawn tomorrow morning and is now categorized as a Level 3. Level 3 will bring high winds and lots of rain, but nothing that should keep us down too long. We have evacuated a number of our missionaries to higher ground as lots of rain is expected. All other companionships have been instructed to have several days of water, food and candles on hand. We are prepared!Most of us just got back power since the typhoon on Tuesday. We will update this blog if we have power as soon as it passes. Please join with us in prayer that these storms will be tempered and somehow diverted.

Thanks to all for your concern.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Typhoon Pedring

September 28, 2011 - An Update by Sister Carlos posted on the Cauayan Mission Blog!

Typhoon Pedring

We received word that a typhoon was headed our way but it was categorized as a Level 2, which means lots of rain and wind but nothing too crazy. In the middle of the night it was elevated to a Level 3, still nothing compared to the huge Typhoon Juan we had in October 2010. The worst part of this typhoon actually bypassed us and swerved more towards Manila. So there is lots of flooding and problems in Manila. Throughout our mission we have had massive tree damage and lots of brown outs (no electricity) there are a few areas where missionaries have been moved because of flooding, but all in all we are in great shape. We feel very fortunate! (The mission home and office has been without electricity since yesterday morning 32 hours so far. We have a generator so we have a few lights, refrigeration, fans and the Internet! Many of our missionaries are using candles for the next few days. Luckily the temperatures are cooler than normal so the heat isn't too bad.Our sources in Manila told us that we could go ahead and send our departing missionaries on the bus this evening. They say the problems in Manila are more in the side roads and that the major highway to Manila is passable. So with a prayer in our hearts for a safe journey we put our 11 belved departing missionaries on the bus. Tomorrow they will go to the Manila temple and then catch flights, buses and boats to their homes on Friday.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Transfer, New Companion (Elder Molino)

Elder Ward and Elder Molino (Elder Ward is the new District Leader in Ilagan Zone)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Illagan Zone - 7/7/2011

Ilagan Zone (Elder Mulliner and Elder Katoa--Zone Leaders)

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Hey Mother dear so our investigators are going to be baptized this Saturday. I can’t wait to get that done but now we’re the only ones because the other Elders investigators didn't make it to church. So there will only be 8 baptisms on Saturday instead of 10. But ya so nothing else has changed here. I told you all the good stuff last week.

So this week we were supposed to have an even nastier storm than last time and I’m in the area that it would hit the hardest but it missed us. So we lucked out even though I was kinda excited for it. So what’s the deal with all these tornadoes? It’s kind of crazy.

Sounds like you’re all having fun with Andrea back. Are you guys excited to see Matthew in a couple weeks haha crazy.
but anyways love ya guys talk to you next week!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Jason & Elder Baiting (?) during a Zone Meeting

Sister Carlos said ... In Ilagan the missionaries were asked to simplify their teaching. After a period of time to plan, the door opened and in marched their "investigators." Children who had volunteered to work with our missionaries. It was really fun to watch the missionaries teach these darling kids.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Hey so we had another baptism this weekend. It was great! She is such a cool lady. I’m a little mad how only 2 people came to her baptism - the bishop and another lady we asked to speak that was it. I’m not joking there was the two, me, my companion, and 4 other missionaries. It was pretty sad that that’s the kinda support we get being in a Ward. I thought it would be different but I guess not. Also the other person we asked to speak texted us an hour before the baptism saying he has to work. Why he didn’t text us a week ago or say something the numerous times we reminded him, I don’t know. Then I had to give a talk with a 2 minute notice before sacrament. Haha! I love the Philippines. I really do love it, I’m just telling you the mentality of the people haha. But ya anyways we have been having fun the same old stuff.

Yes my companion is Filipino and he’s from Lagos. It is way far from here. His Tagalog isn’t that great because they speak a different language there where he’s from. We are kinda close to the mission home it takes about 1 hr 30 minutes to get there or so.

I can’t wait to get home and go to dollar movies because it’s gonna be like going to the expensive ones for me! haha. Eric is starting a lawn mowing business? Why does he need a new lawnmower for it? Who is his partner in crime?

I have been really lazy with taking pictures. I’m sorry - it just doesn’t seem like anything new to me anymore so I rarely see anything too exciting. You need to tell me what kind of pictures I need to take so I know when to take them. Haha! You think you do the same stuff everyday haha missionaries are the most routine people on the planet! Haha! Nothing changes here. Also you should probably send me a whole letter about what I should write about haha because I haven’t got a clue anymore haha.
Are you guys getting excited to see Matthew again? Its crazy how soon it’s gonna be. Its probably not even going to wear off that he’s home and then I’ll be in the airport – haha!
Anyways love ya lots family! Tell dad hunt deadlines I know are sometime in June so get them done early before you forget!

Love ya

Easter in the Philippines

President Carlos said this about Holy Week ...

“Remember, this is Holy Week in the Philippines. That means many of the services (banks, stores, etc) will be closed at least Friday-Sunday. I doubt any ATMs will work between Friday and Sunday...Some will be closed all week. Plan your business needs early in the week. Be mindful of the local religious traditions pertaining to Holy Week – AND be respectful of their practices. In some areas of the Philippines, real live crucifixion actually takes place. If you see anything unusual, please be sensitve to the fact that to these people, these are sacred religious observances. Be mindful also that Catholics do not eat chicken, pork, or beef during Holy Week."

Monday, April 18, 2011

04/18/2011 - Letter to Andrea

I’m like 90 percent sure that’s what’s happening. President said Nov 30 like last week again so I think so. I’ll find out for sure sure in about 2 months then its gonna be crazy. It’s so close it feels weird that I’ll be home that soon! Anyways how’s everything going getting ready for the move and what not. Nothing really new with me. I cut my finger pretty bad the other day cutting rice for a service project. It was pretty gnarly - it cut my finger nail in half but its fine. I didn’t even go to the doctor. It’s still sore but it looks like its healing fine. I didn’t want to call our nurse lady and be like I cut my finger. That’s the most exciting bit I have to say haha!

But anyways I’ll talk to you later.
Love ya

PS: Don’t forget … figure something out with mom so we can talk in May alright - love ya jason